Location and Access

The Piedras Verdes Mine is located near the towns of Alamos and Navojoa in Sonora, in a safe, politically stable and developed historic mining region.

It benefits from number of direct access roads to public highways and proximity to the main north-south railway and two deep-water ports (Guaymas 255 km and Topolobampo 248 km)

Mexico is a member of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (“OECD”) and the World Trade Organization and has free trade agreements in place with 48 countries (including the EU and all TPP member countries)

Mexico is a stable mining jurisdiction with a modern legal and regulatory framework. These factors differentiate Mexico from other major copper producing countries that have, experienced greater economic, political, labor relations and similar risks

Its advantaged location offers our management and front line employees the opportunity to live in attractive surroundings with access to excellent schools and universities. This provides us with a significant competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining competent management and a skilled labor force

Sonora is the largest copper producing state in Mexico accounting for 81% of copper production in 2020. Copper production in Mexico was ~ 730kt in 2020

21 km from Alamos and 50 km from Navojoa


Ciudad Obregón international airport located at 111 km (~75 min drive) from site


Connected by 14 km access road to a paved highway


50 km to the mainline north-south railway in Navojoa


~250 km from the deep-water ports of Guaymas and Topolobampo


All infrastructure is in place and located close to the mine. PV is easily accessible by all modes of transport, including air transport from the Ciudad Obregón International Airport and Alamos domestic airport, road transport, rail transport through Sonora’s mainline north-south railway that passes through Navojoa, and ocean transport at the port of Guaymas and Topolobampo from which copper concentrate is blended and exported by both trading and mining companies.

The PV Mine has 10 titled water concessions that grant it access to water resources.

It has direct access to the Mexican Federal Electricity Commission (Comisión Federal de Electricidad) high voltage grid, with a continuous capacity of 25 MW of electricity at a current cost of approximately $0.04/kWh purchased on the renewable Wholesale Electricity Market. Sulfuric acid used for heap leaching is purchased from the Grupo México smelter in Navojoa, Sonora. Sulfuric acid is also available from other sources