Mining and Process

Conventional Open Pit Mine

The PV deposit is mined by conventional open-pit mining methods

Pit is 4x2 km and operates 4 to 6 simultaneous faces, Cerro Chato satellite pit is located 1.5km to the west of main pit

Mining follows a traditional drill, blast, load, haul, dump sequence

Waste is hauled to dumps located north and northeast of the current pit configuration

Mining Rate Life of Mine (LOM): ~200ktpd of material moved (~60 ktpd of ore) LoM average


The PV mobile mining fleet includes:

26 Caterpillar 789 and
10 777 haul trucks

3 Caterpillar 994 and
one 992 loader

Mobile mining fleet
Mobile mining fleet

2 Terex RH200 and one Caterpillar 6040 shovel

4 Sandvick D75KS conventional blast hole drills and 1 Powerrock D60 track drill

22 smaller loaders, bulldozers,
graders and water trucks

The mobile fleet maintenance facility is staffed by 130 highly experienced employees.
The facility can perform all major component overhauls except engines

Process Streams

The ore is selectively mined and is processed as a function of its grade, mineralization, acid consumption, leaching and flotation characteristics:

Oxide and Supergene Run of Mine Ore (ROM)

Oxide and Supergene Crushed Ore

Medium grade oxides & supergene leachable ores are hauled to a 50+ ktpd capacity primary crusher that feeds screens and secondary crushers with a capacity of 40ktpd (under expansion to 45 ktpd). Ore is transported to leach pads by conveyor stacking systems to minimize cost and compaction. Screened fines are drum agglomerated with fresh water and concentrated sulfuric acid by two Feeco agglomerators with a combined capacity of 24ktpd.

ROM and Crushed Chalcopyrite Ore

ROM and Crushed Chalcopyrite Ore

leached at 40ºC to 65ºC to reduce passivation on engineered pads insulated against wind, with automated forced aeration and temperature control

Ore for Flotation

Ore for Tolling:

when the expected NSR from sale is greater than that that might be achieved by leaching, chalcopyrite ore (typically with lower pyrite and higher acid consumption) and selected high grade chalcocite ore is crushed by a dedicated system and sold to Kupari for floatation.